Pony Coat – 5L

$105.00 Inc GST

Organica Pony Coat has the Certified Allowed Farm Input (No. 442), USDA NOP Compliant and is made with Australian essential oils and botanical extracts. It is an eco-friendly, non-toxic formulation designed to be a deodorant to mask the smell that attracts insects and to reduce stress and irritation to horses caused by flies and biting insects. Use in conjunction with Pony Balm to aid in healing your horses from ailments caused from bites, cuts and sores.

Pony Coatt is a registered trademark of Organica Australia Pty Ltd.

Pony Coat is best applied via a backpack garden sprayer or if that scares the horses you can use a hand held spray bottle. A lot of people have had success using a BACKRUBBER please click on the link to guide you to help assist the client with potentially using a backrubber. Check out this link – CLICK HERE

Ready to use, no mixing required and best applied twice a week in the morning or late afternoon, if using the spray on method. Apply more regularly as flying annoyances increase.

Safe to use on minor cuts and abrasions. Safe for pregnant horses and foals.

Avoid animal’s eyes. Wash hands with soap after use. May irritate skin and eyes. Not to be used for any other purpose or in any other manner contrary to these directions.


TAKE CARE OF MOTHER EARTH Rinse the bottle when finished and place it in a recycling bin.