Phos-S-Si-Cal is an immediate supply of liquid Phosphorous, Calcium, Silica, plant cell wall strengthener and growth stimulant to stimulate root and foliage growth, also unlocks soil reserves of Calcium and Phosphorous.

Phos-S-Si-Cal replenishes lost Phosphorous and Calcium particularly after heavy rain, is biologically sound, has a high analysis source of Phosphorous, Calcium and finely balanced macro and micro nutrients.

Pre-digested for 120 days.

Please see Label for mixing rates and how to use.

Each Phos-S-Si-Cal is supplied separately with a 20L of Trico-Bac Inoculant.

ACO Allowed Farm Input No 442

Please Email for price and availability.

Phos-S-Si-Cal Label

Phos-S-Si-Cal MSDS