Cattle Coat – Pallet

40 x 20 Litres

Organica Cattle Coat is a deodorant that deodorises odours that attracts flies and biting insects to cattle and livestock, helps to reduce 3 day sickness and limit stress and irritation to cattle caused by flies, mosquitos and lice bites. It has the Certified Allowed Farm Input (No. 442), USDA NOP Compliant, ready to use and is made with Australian essential oils and botanical extracts. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Cattle Coat has no withholding period and is ideal for dairy cattle as it will not contaminate the milk or upset the breeding cycle of the dung beetle. Use in conjunction with De-Horning Balm to aid in healing your cattle after de-horning, castrating and marking.

Cattle Coat is a registered trademark of Organica Australia Pty Ltd.

Cattle Coat is best applied via a Backrubber for example LINK HERE A 20L Cattle Coat will last 6-8 weeks in the Fly Gone Backrubber and cost approximately 50C per beast per week based on 100 head or you can use a a backpack garden sprayer. Ready to use, no mixing required. Apply more regularly as flying annoyances increase. Safe to use on minor cuts and abrasions. Safe for pregnant cows, heifers and calves.
Suitable for use on all certified organic farms and contains the finest quality ingredients in an organic therapeutic blend.
Reduces stress, Non-Toxic, Chemical free.

Wash hands with soap after use. May irritate skin and eyes. Not to be used for any other purpose or in any other manner contrary to these directions.


Rinse the bottle when finished and place it in a recycling bin.