Organica Liquid Bio-Gypsum provides both immediately available Calcium and then, providing a short medium and longer term supply of all in 3 Phases.

Stimulates root and foliage growth, soil microbes (Photosynthetic Bacteria, Actino Bacteria) Replenishes lost calcium and crop vigour especially after heavy rains. Also improves seed germination, increases bloom set and contains slow release calcium.

To read more about the 3 phases, please see below:

Phase 1.

Micro fine separately processed gypsum, is a faster, more plant available soluble component of Bio-Gypsum and is immediately able to be absorbed into the plants roots and foliage as highly mobile, immediately available Colloidal Calcium, known as Phase 1.

Phase 2:

Approximately 40% of the remainder of the Bio Gypsum is processed to achieve a medium term (*Phase 2) release over 1-4 months. Micro fine particle size even though very small can enter the plants roots or foliage, it is made available to the foliage and roots in a form that can be readily absorbed, this Calcium release phase is known as phase 2.

Phase 3:

A slower release Calcium will release 8- 10 months, depending on seasons, will produce a plant available nutrient form of Calcium , this portion of the Bio Gypsum formulation is known as *Phase 3.

Each Bio Gypsum container is supplied separately with a 20L of Trico-Bac Inoculant.

ACO Allowed Farm Input No 442

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Bio GYPSUM Label

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