Organica Bio Crop Defend range protect your crop from the harsh Australian climate and the ever evolving pest problem. Organica’s Bio Barrier Range as the name describes, are designed to act as a barrier between plant tissues and the external environment. The products are developed from a certified organic micro-fine natural latex webbing, which dries to a protective layer (prophylactic layer) on foliage. The prophylactic layer prevents propagules (eg. spores) of pathogenic fungi and bacteria from being able to contact living plant cells. Being obligate parasites, the propagules need to infect living tissue within a short period of time or they will die.

Although the protective layer is fine enough to prevent infective propagules from contacting the foliage surface, it does not prevent stomata pore function (ie air and nutrient exchange), so the plant is able to continue with respiration, photosynthesis and the uptake of foliar nutrients. The Barrier product range has been developed to add to the many benefits of the plain Barrier basic properties. Depending upon the specific product, our ready formulated blends have various desirable substances (eg. Trace elements, beneficial microbes) embedded within the latex layer. This has resulted in a range of specialized Barrier products to target specific issues. Alternatively, growers may also customize the plain Barrier Base with their own additives/actives.

The Barrier products form part of a range of premium quality biological fertilisers and biological protectants. Made in Queensland by Organica Australia Pty Ltd, they are able to be applied through most standard equipment, are guaranteed not to settle out in the container, and are available in 20L, 200L and 1000L containers, larger volumes available by arrangement. N.B Pre mixing instructions on container.

Bio Silica Barrier

Bio Silica Barrier is a spray on formula which adds a tough cuticle layer which acts as a barrier to provide plant protection whilst retaining air and nutrient exchange capacities of plant tissues.

Bio silica Barrier is a surface protectant for fruit and foliage to protect them from environmental and microbial elements.

Foliar application: 100-150ml/10L water or 1-1.5L/100L water

Australian Organic Registered Farm Input 442

Bio Silica Barrier

MSDS Bio Silica Barrier

Bio Formula V

Bio- Formula V, when applied, mimics the Australian Eucalyptus leaf by adding a tough vegetable oil layer to protect foliage and fruit from harsh environments. Natural Silica, herbal and chilli extracts and the finest quality Australian essential oils provide an added vigour to crop foliage and fruit. Soluble silica is also added to utilise Silica’s well known ability to toughen and protect leaf surfaces.

Bio-Veggie Plus is a very thick liquid, it is safe to humans, animals and the environment.

Suitable for application on most plants and foliage, if unsure, conduct a small trial spray before spraying larger areas.

Great for use on green vegetable bugs!!

Foliar: Mix 2-3ml per L water. Spray to run-off. Spray late in the Afternoon with low humidity and above 20˚C for best results


MSDS Formula V

Bio Burn-Off

Bio Burn-Off is a weed dehydrator and green biomass desiccant, designed to spread into the surface of the soil and isolate the root material without any long term effects on the soil or garden. Bio Burn Off is ideal for crops, pathways, garden beds and spot spraying. No more dangerous chemicals. ACO compliant 442

Please empty and rinse any equipment used to spray Burn Off due to the high acidic content.

Mix 1 part BurnOff to 1-2 parts water, it can also be sprayed neat for the big stubborn weeds.

Burn Off is available as BurnOff+ which is designed for broadacre crops

MSDS BurnOff

Bio Chilli Barrier

Bio Chilli Barrier is a Highly Potent Chilli Extract flushing agent for tree and vegetable Crops designed to flush and deter insects From foliage. Bio Chilli Barrer creates protective latex and a wax barrier over foliage whilst retaining air and nutrient capacities of plant tissues, the flavour irritates fruit eaters such as bats, birds, possums etc.

Also compatible with other Organica products (eg. Bio Refuge, Bio Silica Barrier)

Label Bio Chilli Barrier.

MSDS Bio Chilli Barrier

Bio Double Chill Barrier+Wax

Bio Double Chill Barrier+Wax is a high potency Chilli extract to flushes insects from foliage and reduce crop damage. Double Chilli Barrier+Wax creates a protective latex and wax barrier over foliage whilst retaining air and nutrient exchange capacities of plant tissues.

The Flavour of the potent chilli irritates fruit eaters such as bats, birds, possums and kangaroos.

Easily remove residual aftertaste by washing produce in warm water.

label Dbl Chilli Barrier+Wax

Msds Double Chilli Barrier+Wax

Bio Refuge

Bio Refuge – Silica Sharps was developed to provide a protective refuge to beneficial soil and foliar micro-organisms to protect them from extreme heat, low humidity and dry conditions.

Bio Refuge may provide an environment which can reduce the effects of UV exposure and desiccation, thereby extending the effectiveness of biological controls, protecting the active agents from extremes of temperature and humidity on foliage surfaces.

MSDS- Ganixx bio- Silica SHARPS BIO REFUGE

Bio Copper™ Barrier

Bio Copper Barrier with micronized Copper Silicate and Australian essential oils has well known effects in the control of fungal and bacterial issues, e.g. Downy Mildew and bacterial blackspot.

Bio Copper Barrier is also effective in instances of copper deficiency. Soluble silica is added to boost the plants immune system.

Application rate: 1 – 1.5L / 100L water or 10-15ml per 1L of water.

Directions for use: Thoroughly pre-mix as per drum instructions before adding to spray tank.

Copper Barrier

MSDS Copper Barrier

Bio Frost Guard

Bio Frost Guard is as the name suggests , guards the crop from frost damage. After applying, the dry Frost Guard forms a protective layer of latex and waxe which assists in the reduction of mild frost damage on certain horticultural crops.

Mix 15-25mls of frost guard per 1L of water. Minimimum of 750L per Ha.

Bio Frost Guard needs to be mixed with water at 1;5 before adding to the spray vat to avoid blockages. Please read the label before use.

Bio Copper Sulphur Barrier

Bio Copper Sulphur Barrier is the ultimate copper and sulphur protection for fruit and foliar surfaces. This spray on formulation adds a tough cuticle like layer which acts as a barrier to provide plant protection whilst retaining air and nutrient exchange capacities of plant tissues.

Bio Copper Sulphur Barrier contains microfine Copper Silicate, microfine natural Copper, micronized Sulphur, Silica and Australian essential oils

Foliar: 100-150ml/10L water

Bio Copper Sulphur Barrier

MSDS Copper Sulphur Barrier

Bio Sulphur™ Barrier

Bio Sulphur Barrier when applied, mimics the surface of the Australian Eucalyptus leaf. Bio Sulphur Barrier adds a tough leaf cuticle layer onto foliage and fruit surfaces to protect them from the harsh Australian climate.

Natural Silica, microfine natural Sulphur and Australian essential oils provide an added nutrient vigour to crop foliage and fruit. The soluble Silica utilises Silica’s well known ability to toughen and protect leaf and fruit surfaces.

Mix 10-15mls per Litre of water. Please read the label foe important information.

MSDS Bio Sulphur Barrier

Exciting new products coming soon !!

Exciting new products coming soon !!